HOST FAMILY – 5 red flags

HOST FAMILY – 5 red flags

When becoming an Au Pair the most important step is to choose the RIGHT HOST FAMILY!

There are red flags you HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO while picking your future host family.

You will get some idea of what to think about before you move to another country. There are some tricks you can apply to be sure you are making the right choice. Finding the right fit for an Au Pair with a host family is a process. TAKE YOUR TIME, watch the series now AND find the right host family for YOU.

The process of choosing a host family is a really important step in becoming an AU PAIR. If not even the most important thing the future Au Pair has to face. If you click with your host family your experience will be wonderful. If you do not… it can be hell!

Many Au Pairs go through the process of switching the family after they already move and most of them told me that this is a horrible experience.

Imagine this:
“You found your family, you move there, you get settle but in a month or so you realize the family does not respect the agreement you made, or they do not pay attention to you, or the pocket money is not sufficient enough… “

Now what?! Do you stay? Do you quit?

If you stay, the experience will not be as it could be – the best year in your life. If you give them a resignation you still have to stay there for about 14 up to 30 days and taking care of their children. But most importantly, in that time you still have to LIVE THERE in their house.”

Being an Au Pair in this position is a very uncomfortable situation.

That is why I strongly advice you to PAY ATTENTION TO THE RED FLAGS that appear in process of interviewing.

Free mini series HOST FAMILY – 5 red flags

1. RED FLAG – They change their mind from one moment to another. Be aware! It can easily become a full-time job with super low pay-check!
Au Pair: The FIRST RED FLAG need to know before you choose our host family

2. red flag – they do now want you to see their kids/family. Weird!!!
Au Pair: The second RED FLAG you need to know before you choose your host family

3. red flag: They don’t want to have a written agreement. Pay ATTENTION!!!
Au Pair: The third RED FLAG you need to know before you choose your host family

4. red flag: Do they already have an Au Pair? Can you speak to her? WHY NOT!?
Au Pair: The fourth RED FLAG you need to know before you choose your host family

5. red flag: Your body knows!!! Listen to it…
Au Pair: The fifth RED FLAG you need to know before you choose your host family

USEFUL AND APPLICABLE tools you can use while meeting the flags.
Au Pair: how to address the RED FLAGS

If you do not have time to watch all the videos you can get your PDF version below.

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While interviewing for the position it should be easy to address the flags, to openly talk about any issues that can potentially come up, and to find the solution for every each of them. Be confident enough to bring it up.* It will help you to get an experience you would like to have.

Is there still something you would like to know? Go get your copy of the book How to be an Au Pair.

The book How to be an AU PAIR is easy to read and extremely useful for anyone who is thinking to go to work as an Au Pair. Unlike many complicated approaches towards childcare, I have to say that is the handbook How to be an AU PAIR full of simple, smart, and »healthy« bits of advice on the topic. I like the fact that the book based on Danica’s experiences, which are described in detail. The positive and the negative aspects of it.
While reading the book How to be an AU PAIR I was surprised how can someone who is not a pedagogue use so well-chosen approach towards children. I am a primary teacher and I would be extremely happy to work with Danica. 🙂
Working with kids is one of the most beautiful experiences in this world but not an easy one. You have to feel the calling, you have to be accessible to children but still set clear boundaries… In the book How to be an AU PAIR, Danica captured this issue very well.
I highly recommend it!

Neja P., first-grade teacher
BWT my dear future Au Pair!!!

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