The author Danica Tajčman

I was there. It was an awesome year. Well, after I figured out how to deal with the kids 😉 I am really happy I had my mother – a 40 year’s kindergarten teacher – by my side. It was a hard beginning but I am a fighter so there was no chance I would quit. Luckily my mom was “there with me” to guide me what to do, how to handle 3 kids at once.
After my experience was done I realized, not everyone has an experienced nanny (my mom) at their side! I realized I can help you and share my insights with you.

Danica Tajčman, author of the How to be an Au Pair

Danica Tajčman is a writer (obviously ;)), a transformational coach and a teacher.

Danica and her baby book 😉 How to be an Au Pair in her home office

Before an Au Pair experience, she was a babysitter for a short period of time and she was happy to endure herself as an aunt to her nieces as much as possible and spent quality time with the kids of her friends. She studied as an elementary school teacher at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana, Slovenia for a year. Even though she loves kids and they adore her she soon realized the sole childcare career is not suited for her. Therefore she switches her field of study to Business and economics. She also went to Turkey on an Erasmus exchange.
With many turns of events in her life and some difficult situations at the time, she decided to quit a “stable” job and take some time off.  In the end, she packed her bags and went to experience How to be an Au Pair abroad.

She was an Au Pair with her host family for one year and 4 months. She came to a family of 3 very demanding children, aged almost 2, 4 and 6 years. Even though she was strict and disciplined, kids absolutely adored her, the parents were happy with her as well.  

And she loved it!

She wishes you will love it too. <3

Fact: Since she was on the plane the first time at the year 24 she became absolutely addicted to travelling.
Au Pair’s free weekend 😉 Pride parade Cologne, Germany
Fact: She has an NLP practitioner diploma, signed by Richard Bandler, EFT Master, and TFT Master certificate, and is currently perusing her career as a transformational coach in Slovenia. She is leading self-development workshops, online courses, 1 on 1 coaching sessions, etc.
Danica Tajčman in the studio recording trans-hypnotic visualisations
You can contact her at danica.tajcman@gmail.com