The book: How to be an AU PAIR

The book: How to be an AU PAIR

How to be an AU PAIR – the family will never forget

= a short but insightful book, full of tips and tricks
* tricks and tips are all tested and used in practice while Au Pairing!
* will MAKE your life as an Au Pair so much EASIER in a way you can not even imagine.

= A PERFECT GUIDE to be with you from a decision to become an Au Pair until the moment when you hello to your next employer!

Here you are going to find guidelines that will help you to go through the process of becoming an Au PAIR.

DO you wanna know:

* What to do when the kids don’t listen to you?

There are several things you can do, some more and some less effective. I the book you will find the list of most efficient strategies that actually WORK!

* How to deal with the crazy schedule?

You have to talk about it in advance. An interview is the best time to go into details, how this will work.

* How to connect with the host parents?

They are the one who can make your experience just AMAZING or a living hell. Choose wisely!

* Where to find new friends?

I’m sure you already know the basic = FB groups. There are more platforms though you SHOULD KNOW ABOUT!

* What about your next employment, are you ready to sell your past experience to the new employer?

It is an art to sell this experience, and I assure you there are many things you can use to pimp up your CV.

… All this and many more questions are answered on how to be excellent on your way to becoming an Au Pair.

I have read the booklet How to be an AU PAIR at once. I relived my past experience, years ago, when I was a part of a British family during the summer. How useful would it be at the time! Many experiences would be much nicer for me and the kids if I would be well prepared for this lovely but responsible work.
How to be an AU PAIR is a great tool that shows you how to deal with a specific situation. It describes unpredictable situations that are crucial and very meaningful to get well prepared to cope well with anyone you meet along the way. The content is clear and well structured, the most important messages in frames.
Most of the booklet is dedicated to the most important topic: children. The part about the development stages is practical and ready to use. Through all the book it can be felt the love and respect of an author towards children at the same time she shows high value to education and domestication which leads to responsibility and independence. 
In the book, there is well-expressed respect towards the family and their already established relationships as same as privacy and free time of an Au pair.
The book is a booklet only by its size. It is a great treasure of messages, pieces of advice, guidance, and experiences.
I highly recommend it also to the parents of young children not only to ones who are thinking about an Au pair experience.

Slava S., prof., trainer of social competences and transaction analyst – coach

BWT my dear future Au Pair!!!

There is are 2 gifts in the book…

…one will help you BOOST your CONFIDENCE while sleeping. I have created a guided hypnotic visualization especially for future Au Pairs and decided to give it to you for free (Value 15€!).

…the second one is a surprise! πŸ™‚